Cleeve Windows: FAQ’s

Our vast knowledge of Window & Door Profile systems and hardware from the 70’s to present day put us in the unrivaled position to confidenty provide on site reporting and repairs through to end product rectification works.



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Replacement glass: We only supply and install BS Specified glass such as safety glass to patio doors, French doors and windows below 800mm from floor height. We can supply and install Argon filled ‘K’ spec, Planitherm & A-Rated double glazed units. (spacer bar colour as required). 

All glass installation is in accordance with BS6262 Pt.2 – code of practice.

Advice & Facts – Common door, window & glazing faults:

Why do I get Condensation on my windows?

Water seen on the inner face of the glass or window frame is generally due to the cold window or glass face meeting warm internal air.

This effect can be reduced by the following:

  1. Ensuring a good air flow by venting the room regularly – trickle vents fitted to the window will help encourage air flow.
  2. Replace the glazing for an A-Rated double-glazed unit. This is a soft coating to the inner glass pane that forms a partial barrier between the two temperatures, thus reducing condensation.
    My window has Cloudy Glass:

    Cloudy glass is Moisture seen within the double or triple glazed window.

    This is usually caused by the vacuum seal has broken down and the unit needs replacing. Give us a call to get this fixed hassle free.

    We will carry out additional checks and clear the drainage slots once the glass is removed.

    Unfortunately double glazed glass cannot be repaired, only replaced, but we can do this at a very good price for you.

    Door & Window Draughty or stiff handle operation

    Draughty or stiff handle operation is more often due to the opening sash being out of alignment to the outer frame.

    Book a service, adjustment, clean and lubrication with us to rectify this for you.

    If any part of the door and window has failed this can easily be replaced, usually for a modern equivalent.   

    Are my windows and doors Safe & Secure?

    To meet Contents insurance providers requirements, all external doors must have at least one mortice bolt in addition to compression cams. Windows must have a least a locking handle.

    If you are not sure that your windows & doors are secure, we offer a free check to ensure they are safe and secure protecting you and you home.

    Of course, it is prudent to have an adequate locking system, which we can service to ensure it is working correctly.

    Give us a call on 01684 274666 to book an engineer

    Can I get a child safety lock on my windows?

    We offer a full range of fall prevention devices, all British Standard tested.

    Please call us for advice and demonstrations.

    • Replacement hardware – 1 – 5 years (manufacturer dependent).
    • Replacement Glass / DGU’s – 5 years.
    • Labour – 1 year.
    Replacement door & window hardware/glass:
    • All hardware is supplied by long standing industry partners such as Mila Hardware Ltd, Titon Hardware Ltd and VBH GB.
    • All glass / dgu’s are locally manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.
    • Provided in writing.
    • Held for 30 days.
    • VAT registered.
    • On satisfactory completion of works our invoice will be presented for payment.
    • Payment by Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer.
    • CSCS compliant – safe working practice accreditation card.
    • Safecontractor / CHAS / Guild of Master Craftsmen.
    • Public Liability Insurance – £5,000,000.00
    • Over 40yrs industry experience in manufacture, design, application and installation.

    Our own range of high quality products that are specified and supplied the world over. If you require samples, a demonstration, prices or just qualified advice, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

    Clients include: Firstport Retirement Homes, Accor Hotels, Holiday Inn, Jurys Inn.


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